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Programin: Human Stem Cell Production Kit (For Research Only)

Programin is a novel research kit developed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The kit allows researchers and clinicians to chemically reprogram human fibroblasts into stem cells. Using our Programin kit, 100,000 human fibroblasts are coaxed to become a cell aggregate and then treated with the three small molecules found inside the kit for seven days. This treatment trans-differentiates the fibroblasts to strongly express pluripotent-associated genes: Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog.

Test Tubes

"We are an award winning team that produces stem cell-related products. We are made in Hong Kong."     -Professor Kenneth Lee, CEO and Founder of Stapworks Stem Cell Limited


ESC108 Fluorescent Stem Cell Specific Dye

This non-toxic small molecule fluorescent stem cell dye can identify mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).  It does not stain-up somatic cells such as mouse tail fibroblasts and human skin fibroblasts. The dye is excreted from the all labelled cells 24 hours following the removal of the dye from the culture medium.

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3D Scans

“I shall be using the msiPSC product as standard with my bioinspired materials as it helps make my translational work clinically relevant and enables me to work with PSCs something I have been unable to do due to cost, facilities and complexity of conventional reprogramming protocols.” – David W Green, Researcher, The University of Hong Kong



We produce BioInk for suspending and maintaining human induced pluripotent stem cells and mouse embryonic stem cells for 3D-bioprinting.  Our BioInk has been used to generate functional heart patches for drug toxicity testing and bioactivities.


3D bioprinter in action - printing a  scaffold ear for growing stem cells.

Functional heart patch, fabricated from stem cells mixed in bioink that has been bioprintered as a square four-layer patch - just like a waffle. Potentially these patches could used to therapeutically repair the infarcted heart.

3D bioprinter in action - printing a  scaffold ear for growing stem cells.